Tuesday, September 28, 2010

shelby+her boys - bonus: senior pictures

My cousin Shelby has 4...count 'em 4 boys! Ranging in age from 1 year old to almost 18! Whew! They've got their hands full over there! You may remember them from here...

Before the rain started Sunday, we tried to grab a few family shots for them to remember this time. As it is likely that Holden, and then Jackson (the two oldest) will be off to college in the next couple of years...

The middle ones...smiling silly...

I adore this picture..the youngest + the oldest...

Holden is a senior at Evans High so we did a few "senior" pictures for his senior ad...

because i love him...and he loves space...

If you know Daryl, you know he is kinda obsessed with space travel. After watching this video, he may or may not have tried to build one of these. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the fuller family

Last week, we photographed the beautiful Fuller family out on North Augusta's river front. It was a pretty warm day but we managed to get everyone happy and smiling for a few family photos. This family couldn't be more beautiful together!  

Adam and Jessica have two of the most GORGEOUS children! This is Payton...

and the newest addition to the Fuller family - Grayson...

A tribute to the boys of the Fuller bunch... :)

This next image killed me when I saw it in camera - that drool is soooo sweet! I just love it!

Payton was perfect for taking pictures - he did exactly what we asked and loved it too! He looks so grown up here - it's hard to believe he's only 6! 

One of my favorite images of the day...a sweet mama-son moment....

Grayson had the funniest way of laughing right into an all-out cry - it was hilarious, even though you felt bad for him afterward! Daryl caught this sweet laugh just before Grayson was just about done with pictures for the day! 

Couldn't you just eat these two boys up!? They are so sweet! 

Some of our favorite shots of families are of them just interacting with each other - not paying us any attention...Thats where the real gold is...wouldn't you say so?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Our friends ( and practically family) came up over the weekend to hang out with everyone here in Augusta and to indulge in a little family picture time! After a flat tire and a leak that left the family car far from running, we rescheduled and we rescheduled and finally we were able to pull in a little 45 minute session before than hit the road back to Florida! 

It's such an important time to be documented in a family's life when its about to grow + 1. It's important to remember what it was like when there were just three :).  I hope we can help you cherish this time.

I would be lying if Daryl didn't say more than once, "We can have kids right now if you can be sure to make me one just like Dakota!" He was smitten with her little personality and her curly red hair. 

As Dakota proclaimed when I walked in the door, "CUTE BOOTS, huh?!!" She was correct...

When Kandice picked Kota up to sit on her belly, she said, "Sorry Shayne" to her brother for sitting on him - isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard? 

 This last one just melts my heart. There's just nothing like a daddy hug :).

There are so many more to share with your family! I can't wait for you to see them all! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Likes Art - He Likes Music: Vol. 2

I have been in love with tilt shift imagery for a while now. It's a lens that makes everything look like its miniature. And who doesn't love that? :) It's actually a pretty incredible video, using many different techniques to achieve the final product, but I'm pretty smitten with it all...hope you enjoy!    - h -

See more of the director's films and photographs on his website: http://keithloutit.com/

Clementine (Megan Washington)
Performed by Washington
© 2008 J Albert & Son Pty Limited
Used with permission

Okay let me just get this over with.  This edition of HLM is for my buddy Don.  (hey Don.  i'm watching you.  right now.)  If you know me at all, you know I'm a big phan of the band Phish - who've been around for forever it seems and should probably quit it soon.  But I love them anyway and have probably been influenced by them as a musician more than any other single act.  In case you've been under a VW van somewhere and don't know, Phish is an improvisational rock/jazz/whatever quartet who've been together off and on since the 80's. Take a hit of this: all the way back to 1995 in what I consider their best of their many Late Night with David Letterman appearances.  The song is called Julius.  Now they're ugly, but don't let that scare you.  Come for the funky goodness and stay for the bass player's mouth effects and the drummers dress!  Warning & Obligatory Hippie Disclaimer: This Song May Cause Happiness, Love, and Uncontrollable Twirling.  - d -


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who we are...

who we are...


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