Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Likes Art - He Likes Music: Vol. 2

I have been in love with tilt shift imagery for a while now. It's a lens that makes everything look like its miniature. And who doesn't love that? :) It's actually a pretty incredible video, using many different techniques to achieve the final product, but I'm pretty smitten with it all...hope you enjoy!    - h -

See more of the director's films and photographs on his website: http://keithloutit.com/

Clementine (Megan Washington)
Performed by Washington
© 2008 J Albert & Son Pty Limited
Used with permission

Okay let me just get this over with.  This edition of HLM is for my buddy Don.  (hey Don.  i'm watching you.  right now.)  If you know me at all, you know I'm a big phan of the band Phish - who've been around for forever it seems and should probably quit it soon.  But I love them anyway and have probably been influenced by them as a musician more than any other single act.  In case you've been under a VW van somewhere and don't know, Phish is an improvisational rock/jazz/whatever quartet who've been together off and on since the 80's. Take a hit of this: all the way back to 1995 in what I consider their best of their many Late Night with David Letterman appearances.  The song is called Julius.  Now they're ugly, but don't let that scare you.  Come for the funky goodness and stay for the bass player's mouth effects and the drummers dress!  Warning & Obligatory Hippie Disclaimer: This Song May Cause Happiness, Love, and Uncontrollable Twirling.  - d -


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donp September 7, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

2 great vids and thanks for the shout. I will return to my twirling and general good feeling now. Love the new feature.

excited about pioneering.
worried about $$$$.
reading the bible.
creating a picture wall.
loving my pup.
wondering how to stay on a schedule.
craving simplicity.
listening to mumford+sons.
thankful for forgiveness.
praying for less anxiety.
watching less tv.

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