Wednesday, May 26, 2010

rosalie clare

Our friends, Lauren and Wade, just brought into the world the most beautiful baby girl, Rosalie Clare. Having only been around for 4 weeks, she is already bright eyed and ready for her close up. She's got a great set of parents (who happen to be quite good friends too!) and so many people who love her already! She's got it made... 

Just resting with daddy.

Lauren. You're a beautiful mom. 

I think this is my favorite image from the time I spent with Rosalie. I was dying laughing at how she looks like she's saying, "Who? Me?" Just like a southern little lady already! 

Lauren+Wade - we love you guys! Thanks for letting us be a part of documenting this time in your lives!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


These are our crazy friends Mark+Taryn. We were so excited when they called and said they wanted to have photographs taken for their 3rd anniversary because a) we love them, b) they are beautiful people to photograph, and c) they make us look good. :) I know it's quite selfish but it's true! We had a blast photographing them and I hope they did too! Here's a little sneak peek into their session! 

This is tooo much hotness for one photo don't you think? 

We were rockin the locations for this shoot. I'm so glad these two were up for whatever! 

(Oh and P.S. Thanks for the sushi...yummy...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

just wanted to share...

I came across this photograph while editing a recent wedding, and I just love this image. She just looks so calm. And ready. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Session FAQ and Excuses

“What should our family wear? All the same color? White shirts and khaki pants? What about the kids?”

We always tell our clients – where what makes you feel comfortable. When you feel comfortable, you look comfortable and happy! Trying to be stuffy and overdressed for a session is no fun at all, for you or for us. So do yourself a favor, and just be you. Wear everything your mom told you not too! Wear stripes and plaids and layers, have fun with matching different colors for kids. Wear cute jackets, shoes, and hair bows. You can be stuffy when you get your photos done at Olan Mills or Kmart. We are about capturing your family just as it is: happy and in the moment. Wear your favorite HUGE earrings, your cutest jeans, the cowboy boots your daughter refuses to take off! Florals, print tees, and layers are definitely in! Here are some of our suggestions for kids and parents:  Mini Boden, Matilda Jane, JCrew - two images courtesy of JCREW, TARGET.

“Where should we have pictures done?”

When thinking about a location for your shoot, do this: Think to yourself, is there a place that my family loves to be and have fun? Is there an interesting place up the street that would be so cute for pictures? Old buildings? Fields? Barns? Your own home? Playgrounds? So many times, parents want pictures of their kids with blooming flowers behind them that they forget that the pictures that they value the most of their kids are the ones where their personality is shining through. It’s the photograph of your kids giving the biggest laugh or smile that really touches your heart in ways a posed, forced “cheese” photo will never do. So pick a place. Have a picnic. Bake cookies with your kids and have us come photograph it. Be creative. Bring props! Use your own backyard! Bring a wagon! We are up for anything!

“How long does the session take?”

It lasts about 1-2 hours depending on subjects. Sometimes it takes us longer to get kids to warm up to us, and that’s fine! And other times, we are in and out in less than an hour. We just take our time and try to get the best shots possible of you and your family!

“My kids are crazy: the terrible twos or the dreaded tweens. I’m so sorry”

Just relax. Forcing kids to do what YOU want will never, and I repeat never, give you the kind of pictures that you want. Saying, “Look Johnny! Smile Susie!” This will just frustrate your kids and you and then nobody is interested in taking pictures anymore. We are champion distracters of children and will get down and dirty for the real smiles we are looking for. Just take a deep breath – and let your kids be who they are for us. There’s no need to impress us; we have seen it all! Kids will throw tantrums and not want to show their teeth. It’s inevitable. They will refuse to smile, even when things are funny. Let them show us their missing teeth if they want too, have hair in their face, let them drool - let them just be! Its what it all about...the perfectly un-perfect.

“We are not very photogenic.”

We hear this about every time we photograph someone. And the truth is, when you relax and just have a good time with us, you will find that your pictures reflect that. Looking and feeling happy and relaxed, can do wonders for your photogenic qualities! So do it!

“When I lose 10 lbs, I’m gonna get our family pictures done.”

Listen up Moms everywhere! I was reading a blog of one of my favorite photographers and she just had a post entitled, “Is there a perfect time?” And she had these fantastic words to share.
“Its easy to say – I’m too fat.
I have too much going on.
We’re too busy.
Maybe next year.
But I just want to say STOP IT! We need to take the time to appreciate the value of family photos, if not for ourselves (because we’re too fat or whatever), then for our children.  In 20 years, your children are not going to say, “I really love this photo of my family but I wish my mom had waited until she lost some weight. We never know what tomorrow will bring our way. And life is quickly racing by…

Life's about LIVING, not about waiting. Book your family session today!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

swagger wagon...

Monday, May 10, 2010

101 in 1001

Ok - so I'm starting over. A while ago I posted my Mighty Life List here on the blog. So I've been thinking that although those goals are great - I was getting a little bit discouraged over the fact that some of them are so broad, I have no idea when I've actually attained them! How will I know for sure when I've really learned to truly forgive? Or to live simply? They really are some of my most precious goals, but I really wanted something I could look at and feel like I've accomplished something! I needed a new direction.

So I've been reading a lot of other blogs lately and I've seen this trend of making whats called a 101 in 1001 list. It's 101 goals to be accomplished or at least attempted in 1001 days! And then at the end of that, you just make a new list and go from there! Because sometimes our goals change and we head in different directions that we thought we would... So I'm going in a different direction than in my original life list, although some of those goals are included on my new list!

My list was created May 6th 2010 and is set to finish up January 31st of 2013! Seems like a long way away but I'm guessing it will go faster than I think! I'm hoping to blog about each time I accomplish something from the list so that I can share it with you! Some of the goals are small and some are a little more complex so it will be interesting to see what I can get done in the next 2.5 years! We're jumping into this list head on!

If you'd like to see my 101 list, you can view it above in the link bar or just CLICK HERE! And for tips on making your own 101 in 1001 list, check out the Day Zero Project. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

anytime: the parkers

Cathy and Anthony are up for anything! Sit here - lay here - move your head this way - these two are so easy going and so easy to work with - it's crazy! We photographed their beautiful kids last year, but this time, for their anniversary, they requested photos of just the two of them... (SIDE NOTE: Dear Parents, please find time to take pictures of just the two of you together!!! Your kids will one day thank you for those memories!)  I think they make such a cute couple! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


I love small weddings. Period. I love everything about them. There is something that is so intimate about just having your family and a few friends to hear your wedding vows that just makes it soooo perfect. Jill and Levi decided to have a sweet little ceremony in her parent's backyard last Friday. When you have a small wedding, there is no pomp or preconceived ideas about how things "should" go. Things can just go with the flow - if you take a minute longer to get ready than you thought or if your son decides to drive his little three wheeler through the wedding tent, its no biggy! Things just happen the way they fall and at the end of the day - you are still just as married. Just as happy. And just as in love.

This is Jill and Levi's daughter, Never. Isn't she just too cute?

I just love the way he is looking at her here...he just adores her...

And this is Fox. Jill's oldest and Never's big brother. He carried around a caterpillar for the better part of the day and did, in fact, drive his Big Wheel through the guests before the wedding!

I just really wanted to post one more of Jill before I let you go. I just love how beautiful she looks in this one...

Jill and Levi have a sweet love...
We were so happy to be there to enjoy in their story...

excited about pioneering.
worried about $$$$.
reading the bible.
creating a picture wall.
loving my pup.
wondering how to stay on a schedule.
craving simplicity.
listening to mumford+sons.
thankful for forgiveness.
praying for less anxiety.
watching less tv.

who we are...

who we are...


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