Thursday, August 4, 2011

In with the new blog...

Hey there everyone! Great news from the H+D homefront! We are so excited to share what we've been working on! We've got a new look and a NEW BLOG! :) We will no longer be updating from and will begin posting at starting today! Isn't it cute!? Please go see for yourself!

So if you've been reading our blog for a while, know that we are so thankful for your support and help with getting this next phase of H+D going! If you've come here hoping to see Ashlee and Marlin's Engagement Session just click on over to the new blog! All links now lead here! :) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what they're saying...

 & Rushton Metzler

Wedding Date:
May 7, 2011

Favorite Image:

Why is this your favorite image??

"It captures our personalities at the moment. It was right after I kissed my dad and approached Rushton. I feel like it's saying "Hey there, you ready to do this?!"  All of our emotions flew out the door and we were just happy to see each other. It was a special moment the two of us were able to share with each other and we now have it to forever cherish."

Tell other brides about your experience with H+D:

"We had so many beautiful pictures it was hard to chose my favorite. The style they use is so original. They are able to capture the moments when you think no one else can see. I knew exactly what I wanted and they were able to make it all happen. They didn't think any of my ideas were crazy and we had tons of fun shooting the bridal portraits!  Thank you so much Haley and Daryl!!"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

jacob - 2 weeks...

Sweet little Jacob was just at two weeks when we photographed his cute little self. I couldn't believe how he slept through every position we put him in! I love newborns! :)
His daddy is a fireman here in Augusta, so we borrowed his helmet for our session. Doesn't he look like he's so comfy? :) Love this kid already...
Those lips people! Look at those sweet things...

And lastly, I couldn't resist posting Jacob's sweet little curls...It's one of favorites of this little guy! Can't wait to get to know him as he gets bigger! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

marci + kevin - newlyweds!

Okay people! Favorite image ever! Isn't this just too adorable!!!??
Marci and Kevin (and Balou!) came all the way from Oklahoma for a session with us...well...and for his job...haha...But mainly for us ;)...Since they were married in a small ceremony a few months ago, Marci decided to do some newlywed photos with us to document their new little family before they headed back home! 
Despite the awful humidity, these three were champs! I think Balou really likes the Georgia heat, so much so that he wallowed in the wet grass to let us know! Ha! He's still so cute though, even wet!
Kevin and Marci were so laid back, they let me try whatever I wanted. I love this next shot with her LOVE necklace... :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

celeste + josh - engaged!

Celeste and Josh are so cute together...I love it when a couple really loves each other and they just "click." It makes my job sooo much easier! :) 
Showing off the bling ;)...He did good, right?? :)
This is next one of my favorites from the day and will promptly be making its way to our website...I love it...

You guys are so sweet! I hope that you have MANY happy years together :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ana sofi - 7 months...

Little Ana Sofi has graced the blog many times in her young little life! (HERE - HERE - and HERE!) She just so happens to be some of our best friends little one. I can't believe that she's already 7 months old! It's just crazy that she's growing up so fast! This little girl has had my heart from the start...

Althought she has a beautiful smile, she has the most intense look when she's trying to figure out what you're doing...Those eyes are incredible huh??
She's the most beautiful little thing...Those bottom teeth kill me...

We will do all sorts of weird things to entrance a baby...
And finally...Ana Sofi hanging out with our baby Scout :) It just steals my heart EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Gah! I love them! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

for the love of a party band...

We've had a few A-MAZ-ING party bands at our weddings recently! I'm talking the best we've ever seen - and we see ALOT of bands. Alot of so-so bands, some terrible, but it's pretty rare for a band to be REALLY great.

First up - Palmetto Groove Party Band. This band was incredible! They had a great set for Brooke + Ryan's wedding complete with old classics and newer hits... (Don't judge a book by it's cover either, their website isn't the best, but TRUST ME, they are an awesome band!)

The second band is called Excite! The Party Band! This band ROCKED Anna+Justin's wedding a couple of weeks ago! They even dealt with a really big snag in the middle of the party with grace! We loved them and since the party went well past midnight, I'd say the wedding guests agreed! :)

Just thought we'd feature a few of the vendors that work with us along the way! :) And besides, everyone who knows us, knows we love a good party! :)

excited about pioneering.
worried about $$$$.
reading the bible.
creating a picture wall.
loving my pup.
wondering how to stay on a schedule.
craving simplicity.
listening to mumford+sons.
thankful for forgiveness.
praying for less anxiety.
watching less tv.

who we are...

who we are...


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