Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{vegas - red rocks}

we returned home from vegas on sunday night after traveling for what felt like forever! but we had a fantastic 10 days out in the great west :). there is so much to share about our trip - i don't know if i will be able to share it all but some bits and pieces i will.

first off - it was quite a change from ole georgia! daryl and i had never been to nevada so we were excited to start touring! the first thing we noticed were the mountains. man - they are amazing. and no trees!! crazy for those of us who are used to tree covered moutain ranges. it was incrediable how vegas sits right in the valley between some of the most beautiful mountains i've ever seen. if we lived there we wouldn't get anything done for me staring at the mountains in awe and daryl hiking every trail that ever was through them! and the food. there is so many choices of places to eat - yet we chose del taco over and over :). oh well i will just start off with some images already...

this is the view over red rock canyon...

aren't they incredible?!

even roxie went hiking a bit...

elary was quite the photographer for us since we don't have any pictures of ourselves - except from our wedding - which if you have ever been to our house, you know that it is all we have!!

this is daryls attempt at pointing out every rock climber on the mountain...we have the pictures to prove it my friends...if there was a person rock climbing far off in the distance - daryl was certain to snap a picture!

i'm not sure what it is about men and climbing big rocks - its equivalent to beating your fists on your chest like tarzan. its strange. but we still love them...

elary and his girl roxie...
i just love this cute are we...

and last but not least - the actual RED rocks :)

we are so thankful to nikki and elary for opening up their home to us for 10 days! thats like half a month! :) but we had a great time visiting thier hometown and we hope that soon they will come visit us back here in thier "other" hometown. we loved seeing all the sites and sounds of vegas. there will be more posts to come of our adventures out west.

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who we are...


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